Almost ready. "Killing at Home", exhibition in Nau Bostik, Barcelona. 2016-05-12.

"Killing at Home" My Solo Exhibition in Nau Bostik, Barcelona.

My next solo exhibition in May in Barcelona is almost ready.

Kitty in Qingdao, 08/2015

Sheila, Beijing 12-2015.

Happy Birthday to you. J in Langfang, 11-2015.

I am a monster, Ayo should rest.

Changsha, 01-2016.

Very Soon in Hangzhou. JinJing and I will play our "Love Me Kill Me. Forbidden Love" photographic perfomance. Glad to meet you all there.

I am sure you will love it!!!

Heydo and I from our performance in Kunming, 2015-12-06

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